Psychology Specialists, LTD is a strong and growing practice! 

Psychology Specialists is a well-established and respected large group practice with offices throughout Illinois and Arizona. Our practice continues to grow and expand. As a result, we are consistently looking for talented clinicians interested in joining our group.

We are looking for clinicians who enjoy the independence of a private practice environment as well as the benefits and protections of being an employee in a large group practice. Our clinicians get the opportunity to develop, explore, and expand specific areas of clinical specialization while retaining the ability to be generalists. We position our clinicians for success in private practice by managing all the administrative work for them. The only things our clinicians need to focus on is the provision of quality, professional treatment and the keeping of a quality clinical record. We take care of the rest.

In addition to Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Counselors and Social Workers, our practice employs post-doctoral residents and provides them with an opportunity to complete their training. Residents can learn from a diverse range of specialists, developing their specializations, techniques, and knowledge. When they complete their residency, the practice facilitates credentialing and clinicians move directly into practice. Click on each position below for more details regarding job description and benefits.